Types of Gifts

Types of Gifts

Charitable Assets

door-05You may support us by gifts of cash, appreciated stocks, bonds, real estate, or other assets. Your charitable gift qualifies for the maximum tax advantage under state and federal law.

Gifts of Appreciated Stock

If you have been lucky, your stocks have grown in value. A gift of stock qualifies for an immediate tax deduction equal to the full market value. Currently, you do not pay income tax on the increase in value; however, it is wise to check with your tax advisor.

Gifts of Real Estate

A charitable gift of owned real estate can also be used to fulfill your charitable interests, and you may receive substantial financial and tax benefits, especially if you have owned these assets for quite some time. Consult your tax advisor.

Gifts of Other Assets:

Contact us. We will be happy to research the feasibility of SMSCF accepting your gift.

Directing Your Contributions

door-09Donors may direct their contribution to any one of the following:

Donor Advised
Allows donors to be actively involved in and recommend grants to qualifying charitable organizations and causes. Minimum $10,000 donation.

Field of Interest
These donations are permanently dedicated to a special area of interest such as the arts, schools, senior or youth programs, etc. Minimum donation $200.

Scholarship Fund
For donors wishing to make education available to individuals in their communities, we maintain a scholarship fund. Donations to this fund have no minimum.

Memorial and Honorary Funds
Remembering those in our lives who were and are important. Minimum donation $50.

Unrestricted and Operational Funds
Gifts not specified for placement in a specific fund are placed in Unrestricted Funds. Donors place no restriction on where these funds are used, but they are subject to governmental regulations as are all of our funds. These donations allow the Foundation flexibility to address the most relevant and essential needs in our community and to pay for our own operational expenses. We assess 5% of all gifts for operational expense needs and to increase the Foundation’s Assets. Presently we have no paid staff; all work is done by our Board Volunteers, and most our supplies are donated by the Board.