Welcome to Saratoga-Monte Sereno Community Foundation

The Saratoga-Monte Sereno Community Foundation (SMSCF) is a non-profit organization of community and civic-minded, concerned individuals who are working toward improving the quality of life in Saratoga and Monte Sereno, California.

Mission Statement:
The SMSCF is a tax exempt, non-profit umbrella organization created to improve the quality of life in the Saratoga-Monte Sereno area. The communities are working together to strengthen our local facilities, services and events including, for example, school services, library services, parks, public space, and senior services. The Foundation does this by serving the following three constituencies:

doors2The Community At Large
The Foundation and its board serve as a catalyst with the cities and citizens of Saratoga and Monte Sereno in addressing the needs of our community. Through grants and partnerships with non-profit organizations, the Foundation reaches out to a broad spectrum of community groups including among others, the arts, youth, health, social services, environmental, educational and other local projects.

For people who love their community and have the desire to give something back to their cities and environs, the Foundation provides qualified guidance and stewardship in helping them meet their charitable objectives.

Other Local Non-Profit Organizations
The Foundation provides support for specific programs and offers assistance in managing individual endowment funds.